Thanks to the tireless work of the SIDE engineering team and as a result of our constant communication with our clients, we have developed a new generation of bottle blowers to meet the needs of the market.

Ever since the first development for the Thandle application was presented in 2012, the PET market has recognised SIDE as a global specialist in new developments and innovations. Right from its very beginnings, SIDE has been directly involved in the research and development of improvements that will provide added value to its equipment.

On this occasion, we present a revamp of the SIDE bottle blower concept, which includes improvements in efficiency and flexibility, cost reductions and a simplification of the production process.


New SIDE bottle blowers

A new loading system, a new platform and greater flexibility


One of the main objectives of the engineers at SIDE has been to design a new preform loading system that will include a recovery line for poorly positioned bottles to enable their return to the loading chute, thereby eliminating losses at this point.

This new loading system is accompanied by a new support platform, which makes the entire load positioning system accessible, including an attached ladder that simplifies the maintenance, cleaning and inspection of the whole area. There are also handrails, which make it possible to work in total safety.

Bearing in mind that one of the great advantages of blowers is their flexibility in the production of formats with different sizes, the new preform handler enables rapid alignment, thereby eliminating any possible blockages and increasing the loading speed.

Finally, the individual preform attachment system guarantees their correct fastening in the transport system and also guarantees their correct positioning.


New design: more space and improved ergonomics


The new generation of SIDE blowers has updated its design 100%. The new casing firstly provides more space and greater accessibility to all the operational areas of the blower, thanks also to the combination of sliding doors.  In addition, the new design makes handling and maintenance easier. This means that intervention times are reduced and workplace ergonomics are improved.

A new work platform located at the front makes it possible to work at a comfortable height, thereby minimising the time taken to change moulds. Another platform in the preform handling area makes it possible to work in the same convenient way.  This platform also contains a removable stepladder that gives access to the internal area of the blower.


New panel and controls


Good visual control during the production process is always a synonym for efficiency. That is why we have added a new mobile support for the control touch screen of the blower, which gives the operator greater mobility and improved ergonomics during the PET bottle production process.

All new designs and innovations are always accompanied by an improvement in the automation of the system, where the control panel or distribution board plays an essential role. SIDE, as a specialist in the manufacture of electrical control panels for the automation of production equipment, has created a new panel design. Its new position in the casing, in a vertical position, continues SIDE’s philosophy of ergonomic improvement by providing greater access to all of its parts.

The new light control system developed and designed by SIEMENS gives more information about the PET preform heating process. The new ABB frequency variators ensure improved performance and greater energy efficiency.

These improvements are completed with an update of the management program, where improvements have been made to all the movements generated by the servo motors, mainly in the pressing area. This makes it possible to reduce the maintenance cost of the parts involved in these movements, and thereby lengthen their useful life.

In short, the new generation of SIDE PET preform bottle blowers is another step forward taken by the company to offer clients the best possible features in its PET container production equipment, backed up by great service and value for money.