Design in PET

A solution for every need

The constant evolution of the world of PET

This demands new and diverse technical solutions every day. At SIDE we are prepared to respond to the specific needs of every client.


Our structure allows us to carry out a study of each new project with a speed and efficiency that is unique to the world of PET, adjusting itself to the specific requests of the client in each case.


Everything that we develop is designed to offer the solution that is most suitable and adequate for our clients’ needs, based on the best possible value for money, the maximum energy efficiency in our equipment, and a personalised service for PET blowers, from the start of the project up to set-up and technical maintenance.


Revolutionise your market


T-handle system

One of the engineering solutions developed by SIDE is the T-handle system, for containers that need a handle moulded from a preform.

The T-handle system is the simplest system that can be found for producing containers with handles. The handle is formed by the same blower system, without the need for any further changes to the container.

The T-handle system is the most versatile application on the market for production of PET containers with handles.


Years of experience

The biggest PET container on the market

We manufacture the biggest PET container on the market, 50 litres of one way PET. Over 15 years of experience in large formats allows us to offer our clients great efficiency in the production of PET containers in large volumes.


In this type of format, recyclable material is necessary, and it is because of this that PET is consistently preferred to other plastic resins, which are not recyclable. For its part, PET allows for weight reduction even in reusable packaging, such as demijohns for coolers.


In recent years, as well as demijohns for water, other products have been incorporated such as beer or wine, for large capacity formats. Thanks to this, beer and wine packagers are reaching markets that used to be difficult to penetrate.


Chemical products, or products derived from petrol and mining, are also consumers of this format type, which SIDE offers to its clients so they can always be one step ahead.


Experts in new developments and beta procedures

Design in PET Custom-made project

If there is no solution on the market for the manufacture of the container that your business requires, SIDE can create a custom-made project that we can first design and then assist you with from start to finish.


We have the skills and the technical and human resources to create any kind of application in the world of container blowing. We can help you, from engineering through to manufacture, in the operation and maintenance of your facility.


All the experience of our large team of professionals is at your service for the development of your application according to your needs. At SIDE we can call upon specialist staff, and the ability and technology necessary to offer you everything from the best design of your containers to assisting you with the engineering in your production chain.