PET Bottles

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pet bottles

Every product needs a good solution when it comes to wrapping and packaging. And when the product requires specific technical features, the correct pet bottle container choice is essential for the product’s market success. 


That’s why PET bottles containers are becoming the most common solution for liquid products, which not only require secure closure that prevents leaks, but also need something that allows for an attractive design for the final customer and ease of handling.


In addition, packing in PET bottles currently implies an economic advantage, making the product more competitive and improving its position in the market.


Efficiency as a result

The devil’s in the details

Nowadays there is an increasing tendency amongst consumers to return to a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy natural products, with bottled water as the essential foundation of a “healthy diet”, as regular consumption is recommended by nutrition specialists across all age groups. This leads the bottled water industry to submit itself to rigorous quality control checks, under the legislation that regulates it.


Assuring the quality of the product for the end consumer is a priority for all companies in the industry at a worldwide level. Because of that, every day new quality controls are implemented, and product processes are improved, including those of PET container manufacture.


Currently, a very high percentage of bottled water consumed worldwide is packaged in PET bottles, and therefore the efficiency and quality of the blowers has become the main focus for bottle packagers. This is where SIDE provides experience, technology and professionalism, so it can offer clients in the industry all the advances in PET blowers in order to improve the results of their operations.


Innovation and progress guaranteed

A diverse product with diverse needs

Within the drinks and soft drinks industries, we should mention fizzy and non-fizzy drinks packaging, juice packaging, and also packaging of drinks containing alcohol such as wine or beer.


In all scenarios, the industry as a whole places an important focus on research, development and innovation (R&D&I). Investing major economic resources in order to remain at the cutting edge of new technology in its production processes. Through the application of these advances, the companies increase their presence in the market, diversifying their product and therefore the ever more demanding end consumer market. SIDE provides the industry with R&D&I resources, which allow for introduction of new updates aimed at improving quality, diversifying use and also reducing production costs, mainly by reducing the weight of containers and improving their technical characteristics.


When PET works for you

A dynamic industry, driven by the requirements of the end client

One product has clearly shown the main advances in global packaging in recent years; this product is none other than detergents, and more specifically products for the home, commonly known as home care products.


The demands of distribution chains is forcing mass-use detergent manufacturers to use lighter, more attractive packaging, reduce weight and improve ergonomics. Furthermore, directly related to weight reduction, several manufacturers are no longer using HDPE containers, and are using PET containers instead.


As well as improving costs and fulfilling aesthetic requirements, PET provides an eco-friendly product, which means added value for the end client.


SIDE has worked closely with the industry from the start of its activity, providing machines that are suitable for production and that meet quality requirements, which are very high, as this is a value added product.


The versatility you need


Standing out from the competition, key in an increasingly demanding market

A balanced and healthy diet is increasingly important in our food consumption, which means we watch how we eat and what we eat. As consumers that are conscious of the advances that the industry makes as a manufacturer, we must also be demanding regarding the selection and format in which these products are presented to us.


The ergonomics of product containers is fundamental, and it offers manufacturers a chance to differentiate themselves from the competition, meaning that these characteristics are key in the choice of a product for the end client.


Taking these factors into account, SIDE provides its clients with the technical equipment to achieve the desired effect of differentiation, and create high-quality packaging