What have we learned over the past few weeks? The ability of companies to adapt to the various scenarios that continuously arise is a key factor in their success, and also a strength of the most powerful companies in any industry.

With the aim of providing our customers with the tools they need to enhance their ability to adapt to these new scenarios, we at SIDE S.A. (PET Blow-moulding Division) have developed an application for the remote acquisition of production data from your PET blow-moulding equipment in real time.

We have come to realise that it is not always possible to be physically present at our production plants, but that does not mean we should lose contact with them. Moreover, under the current circumstances, good remote communication will help us improve processes that until now were only possible on-site.

This new application, which will be available for new equipment, will make it possible for you to access the production data of your machine from your devices (PC, laptop, tablet, etc.) through secure, protected access to your equipment.

Data, such as the format currently in production, production rate, temperatures, electricity consumption, air pressures, etc., will be at your fingertips with a simple connection.


This is possible thanks to collaboration between our departments, from the blow-moulding and automation divisions, as pioneers and leaders within our market for these types of solutions.

The key in this development is the combination between the elements installed in the blow-moulding machines and the software development of the application.

Thanks to the Ewon Flexy, installed in our electrical distribution boards, and the Talk2M platform, we can access our production data as needed in a straightforward, practical and above-all secure manner.

Talk2M a secure, efficient and totally reliable solution for remotely connecting to machines.

For more information on this device, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit: EWON