The commitment to energy saving is a key factor in the evolution of companies towards sustainable technological progress. Undoubtedly, it must be managed with the appropriate development of solutions whose manufacturing process is also environmentally friendly.

To achieve energy efficiency, at SIDE we develop improvements that strengthen this commitment, starting from the inside. These are some of the latest implementations in the company:

-A new ventilation and power supply system for the production plant.
-The complete replacement of lighting with an LED system.
-The implementation of solar panels for self-consumption.

At the same time, we are also working on our machines, applying improvement systems that support this process towards sustainability. One of our latest improvements has been through the air recovery system in our equipment, mainly in the models destined for large formats such as the 5001e and also the 3000 series. In this way, we managed to increase the efficiency and profitability of SIDE equipment with a significant improvement in the performance of the components.

We have also achieved a 20% reduction in the electrical consumption of our blow moulding machines’ ovens thanks to the innovative heating system using energy-saving lamps. Due to the improvement compared to the standard version, we also help to reduce the CO2 footprint, immediately initiating a return on investment (ROI) in just 5 months.

In short, achieving energy efficiency is a challenge that companies must take on if they want to make the leap towards awareness and savings, while continuing to invest in solutions that enable the development of their business.