SIDE presents the new version of its most popular blowmoulding machine, capable of producing 4000 bph for PET bottle formats.

The new design of the preform-loading and bottle-discharge system, incorporating Siemens servomotors, allows:

  • Increased control
  • Greater efficiency
  • Higher speed

The fastest in its range

  • In addition, the high-precision servomotors ensure smoother movements, increasing the working life of the rotating arms.
  • With this increase to 4000 bph, the model 1002e blowmoulding machine is now the fastest in its range, with no reduction in performance or guarantees.
  • It has been specially designed for companies that need to increase their production without sacrificing high quality and flexibility.
  • The 1002e blow-moulding machine also supports the addition of optional components such as the preferential oven, neck orientation or the polypropylene (PP) system.