NPE 2024 in Orlando and Hispack Barcelona 2024

The leading company in plastics and packaging innovation will be present at two leading trade fairs, setting the course for the future of the industry.

Orlando, FL / Barcelona, Spain – March 26, 2024

SIDE S.A, recognized as a driving force in plastics and packaging innovation, is pleased to announce its participation in two of the sector’s most significant events, NPE 2024 in Orlando and Hispack Barcelona 2024.

NPE (National Plastics Exhibition) is known as the leading trade fair in North America for the plastics industry, and this year it will be held from May 6th to May 10th in Orlando, Florida. This event brings together key players in the sector to showcase and explore the latest technologies, materials, and trends in the plastics industry. SIDE AMERICA CORP. will be present, showcasing its innovative solutions and highlighting its commitment to sustainability and excellence in plastics manufacturing.

But SIDE S.A’s presence at key events is not limited to North America. The company will also be present at Hispack Barcelona 2024, which will take place from May 7th to May 10th in Barcelona, Spain. Hispack is the leading event in Southern Europe for the packaging industry, bringing together professionals and companies from around the world to showcase the latest trends, solutions, and technologies in the packaging sector. SIDE S.A will leverage this platform to present its innovative products and share its vision for a more sustainable and efficient future in packaging.

With a solid reputation for its focus on innovation, sustainability, and quality, SIDE S.A looks forward to showcasing its industry leadership at NPE 2024 and Hispack Barcelona 2024.

We encourage all interested parties to visit their booth at both events to experience firsthand the cutting-edge solutions that are transforming the industry.

NPE: Booth 16115 / Hispack: Booth 193