Over 40 years of experience

Enric Birosta, president and Judit Birosta, director


Plastic Container

About us

Our story, which began over 40 years ago, has its beginnings in the SIDE electronics division, which was related to the plastic container industry from the beginning.

Our broad knowledge of the industry and the market allowed us to create the custom-made range of plastic container blowers that we offer to our clients today, based on quality and maximum efficiency in the manufacture of packaging using PET preforms. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we can trust our detailed knowledge of the latest technological innovations, uses and applications of PET when developing projects in the future.

Service, quality and technology

Equipment and personalised service for PET blowers


At SIDE, our aim is to provide swift and personalised responses for each individual client, based on the characteristics of their products, thereby guaranteeing the best use and commercialisation of PET packaging.
Everything that we develop is designed to offer the solution that is most suitable and adequate for your needs, based on the best possible value for money, the maximum energy efficiency in our equipment, and a personalised service for PET blowers, from the start of the project up to equipment installation.


We want to be part of your team. Our flexibility and ability to adapt to your needs, as well as our unique customer service and total commitment to each project and requirement, make SIDE’s PET blowers service a strong partner in your plastic container production. We are defined by our commitment, professionalism and personalised service.


We always offer a high-quality solution with great service. With this in mind, every one of our PET container blowers is specially designed, and its components are selected carefully, subject to strict checks, in order to guarantee the best results in plastic container manufacture.


With productivity always in mind, we incorporate the latest technological advances in packaging manufacture to guarantee maximum performance. This philosophy allows us not only to provide solutions to current PET blower requirements, but also to anticipate what those requirements will be in the future.

Business solutions

Maximum profitability for your PET packaging production

What we do

At SIDE, we offer solutions to companies that need to achieve maximum profitability in the manufacture of PET containers, always based on a sound knowledge of the industry, of raw materials and of the ever-changing needs in terms of the use and application of plastic containers.

The simplicity of our PET preform blowers, their versatility in application and their reliability, along with the latest technology and special care that we take over productivity and efficiency, make our products the benchmark in the bottles and PET containers market. All of this has earned us the trust that our clients place in us, and we have been able to grow with them, meaning that our range of blowers has today established itself as a major presence at international level.

Technological Innovation

Our R&D team constantly tests in order to improve performance

plastic container

In our technical department, SIDE’s R&D&I division carries out detailed technological research at our facilities near Barcelona.


Our direct and continuous relationship with PET preform manufacturers, as well as our focused collaborations with our main providers such as SIEMENS, FESTO, SMC, NORGREN, BOSCH, ABB, EWON, UNITRONICS, etc. who provide us with suitable tools to offer our clients the latest innovations for the PET container blowing process


Our R&D&I team constantly carries out a wide range of tests in order to improve mechanical and physical benefits for plastic packaging, tests with different materials (PET, PP, HPED, bio-resins, etc.) as well as testing blowers with PET preforms created via both injection and co-injection processes. We also work with companies that manufacture plastic injection machinery, in order to offer our clients a wide range of options.