With the objective of increasing production of SIDE PET preform blower machines and reducing air consumption, the team of engineers at SIDE have redesigned the full set of valves and blower caps.

There are many redesigned parts. The main new feature is the new location of the NORGREN blower valves, situated much closer to the blower’s main body, thereby eliminating unused space.

Another key factor is the increase in diameter of the air channels, allowing for a stronger flow of air, reducing the transit time through the system.

And finally, the air output capacity, once the blower process has been run, has been doubled, making air output to surroundings or to the system much quicker and more efficient.

With these changes, air wastage has been reduced by up to 45%, and production levels of over 1700 bph for packages of up to 1500ml can be achieved, placing SIDE blowers among the fastest in their range.