SIDE Expands into the US Market as SIDE AMERICA CORP.

We’re thrilled to announce SIDE’s entry into America, a significant step in our global expansion. Here’s the scoop:

SIDE in the USA

We now offer SALES & SERVICE directly from the USA, enhancing accessibility for our American customers and showcasing our commitment to the US market.

Pushing PET Blow Molding Limits

Introducing the highest range of LINEAR PET BLOWMOLDING MACHINES, showcasing cutting-edge technology and innovation in PET blow molding.

Sustainability Drives Innovation

As 60% of bottle makers’ customers prefer eco-friendly packaging, we’re innovating sustainable materials and production methods to meet the demand.

Expanding with Excellence

The SIDE team is ready to grow in this region, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and fostering lasting partnerships.

Crafting Demanding PET Designs

Our expertise lies in producing challenging designs in PET, highlighting our proficiency in creating unique shapes within this material.

Efficiency & Cost-Effectiveness

Our primary focus is high production with reduced costs, ensuring operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Do you want to know more about us?