The prestigious magazine PETnology comPETence online, in the special edition for the Drinktec’17 show, include an article where SIDE is mentioned as a supplier of PET stretch blowmoulding machines and remarks the T-Handle System to produce PET bottles with handle.

T-HANDLE SYSTEMOne of the engineering solutions developed by SIDE is the T-handle system, for containers that need a handle moulded from a preform.The T-handle system is the simplest system that can be found for producing containers with handles. The handle is formed by the same blower system, without the need for any further changes to the container.The T-handle system is the most versatile application on the market for production of PET containers with handles.The acknowledgment from PETnology, place SIDE on top of supplier of the PET industry, increasing the presence worldwide. 

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