SIDE has worked jointly with the winner of the OSCAR DELL’IMBALLAGIO 2013 award on the production of the 5 LW, the lightest, most environmentally friendly and best performing container.

On 15 May 2013, PET Engineering, in collaboration with SIDE, was awarded the Oscar Dell’Imballaggio 2013 in the “Packaging systems and solutions for drinks and liquid food” category.

The award comes straight after winning the “Best light-weighting” award at the Global Beverage Sustainability Awards, which recognised the 5 LW as the ultra-lightweight packaging solution to the growing demand from companies in the sector for making large-format packaging more environmentally friendly.

The Oscar Dell’Imballaggio 2013 awards, supported by Ipack-Ima, Conai, IULM university and the Polytechnic University of Milan, aims to recognise people and businesses that are dedicated to offering innovative solutions to the Italian packaging sector and, in particular, to improving prevention policies.

The judging panel, made up of experts, placed special emphasis on saving material, the use of recycled material, logistical benefits and support for recycling.

The reduction in materials and subsequent reduction in costs and impact on the environment, efficient mechanical performance and the high quality of the packaging are the main reasons why the judging panel awarded the prize to the 5 LW this year.

The 60.4 gr weight of the 5 LW allows for 17.6 g of PET to be saved on each container, almost 22.5 % if we compare it with the packaging currently available on the market.

This significant weight reduction has been possible thanks to the combination of the meticulous design of the packaging and the preform, as well as the precise distribution of the material in the blowing process.

The 5 LW is manufactured with 50% recycled PET, supplied by PLASTIPAK, with the collaboration of SIDE in the blowing process, and with NOVAPET.